Management Message

To Our Shareholders and Investors

My name is Kazuo Takahashi and I am the president and representative director of Tokyu Corporation. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the understanding and support you have continuously shown Tokyu Corporation and the Tokyu Group's business activities.

Tokyu Corporation will celebrate its centennial in 2022. Since our very earliest days, we have been working to help solve social issues through our businesses with a focus on urban development in areas surrounding our railways. Today, under the Tokyu Group slogan of "Toward a Beautiful Age," we continue to promote our business in line with our basic stance of "sustainable management."

Since last year, faced with an unprecedented challenge in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been taking steps to ensure safety and security in our businesses in order to fulfill our responsibility as a social infrastructure company. Despite our efforts, the pandemic has had serious implications for our recent business performance. With the birth rate declining and the population aging and shrinking, lifestyles and work styles changing, and digital technologies becoming ever more advanced, the Company's operating environment is changing at an accelerating pace.

In this business environment, we formulated a three-year medium-term management plan commencing from fiscal year 2021.
Through our basic policies of “変革(Henkaku)”, we will aim to restore profitability and achieve sustainable growth by responding to changes in the operating environment and implementing structural reforms, positioning the current period as the turning point to new growth and promoting key strategies to turn challenges into opportunities.

As the representative company of the Tokyu Group, we will continue to assume responsibility for creating new added value by facilitating collaboration between companies that transcends business boundaries. We regard safety as the foundation for all our businesses and will continue to fulfill our corporate social responsibility as we strive to transform Tokyu into a brand that is loved and trusted by all stakeholders.

I would like to ask for your continued support for the business activities of Tokyu Corporation and the Tokyu Group.

June 2021

kazuo takahashi
President & Representative Director
Tokyu Corporation

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