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Business Data
  • Business Data(P3-P52) (9,080KB)
  • Business Data(Overview of the Company)
  • Overview of the Company(P3-P9) (1,140KB)
  • Business Data(Transportation Business)
  • Transportation Business(P10-P17) (1,073KB)
  • Business Data(Real Estate Business)
  • Real Estate Business(P18-P39) (5,765KB)
  • Business Data(Life Service Business)
  • Life Service Business(P40-P47) (1,499KB)
  • Business Data(Hotel and Resort Business)
  • Hotel and Resort Business(P48-P50) (1,014KB)
  • Business Data(Company Information)
  • Company Information(P51-P52) (446KB)
  • Financial Data
  • Financial Data(P54-P65) (504KB)
  • Non-Finacial Information,etc.
  • Non-Finacial Information,etc.(P67-P73) (964KB)