What is Tokyu Corporation's approach to corporate governance?
We start with a commitment to improving value for all stakeholders.
Based on this, we emphasize continuity of management, visibility and transparency of management, and clarification of responsibilities.
Management policies and important operational issues are presented to the Board of Directors, which consists of 17 directors (including three outside directors) and which makes the final decision. Corporate auditors (including four outside corporate auditors) attend Board and other important meetings to observe the process by which important decisions are made and operations are executed.
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How does Tokyu Corporation fulfill its corporate social responsibility and what specific activities is it undertaking?
Tokyu Corporation is involved in a number of CSR activities and environmental practices, through initiatives such as business improvements drawing on the opinions and requests we receive through the Tokyu Customer Center and the Tokyu Train Monitor, activities through the Tokyu Foundation that support the development of international exchange, protect the environment, and contribute to education and culture, as well as local community activities and cultural events held in cooperation with residents living in areas served by Tokyu lines.
How does Tokyu Corporation protect the environment?
In 1997, the Tokyu Group adopted a management philosophy of operating in a way that is compatible with the natural environment. Based on this philosophy, we have consistently taken steps to minimize the burden on the environment created by our business activities. Since railways are a public transportation system with a comparatively small environmental footprint, encouraging use of rail will help reduce the overall pressure on the environment. We are also taking specific action to conserve energy using advanced technologies, such as shifting to new, more energy-efficient vehicles and adopting a natural ventilation system and radiant cooling system at the new Shibuya Station.
What is the Tokyu Group?
The Tokyu Group, which was created with the foundation of Meguro-Kamata Electric Railway Company in 1922, consisted of 226 companies and 9 corporate entities as at the end of March 2013. It operates in areas such as transportation, real estate, life services, and hotel&resorts.
What is Tokyu Corporation's credit rating?
The Japan Credit Rating Agency (JCR) has given Tokyu Corporation an "AA-" rating, while Rating and Investment Information (R&I) has assigned an "A" rating.
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Which analysts who cover Tokyu Corporation?
A list of analysts who cover Tokyu Corporation is provided under "Analyst Coverage."
Where can I find answers to questions not answered here?
Please contact the Tokyu Customer Center, the customer information counter of the Tokyu Group.