What are Tokyu Corporation's policies and vision?
The guiding principle of the Tokyu Group is "Creating a beautiful living environment." This principle encompasses a number of values, based on the slogan "Toward a beautiful era" adopted in 1997. Based on this principle, the Tokyu Group seeks to make Tokyu a trusted and admired brand by working closely with Group companies, while respecting their independence, and deriving synergies.
What are Tokyu Corporation's strategies (medium-term plan)?
Tokyu Corporation (hereinafter "the Company") has recently prepared a three-year medium-term management plan (for fiscal 2012 to fiscal 2014) beginning in fiscal 2012.
The Company and its consolidated subsidiaries have been working to make qualitative changes to their business structure and develop the infrastructure needed for future growth by executing the current two-year medium-term management plan that began in April 2010 and focusing on the profitability and efficiency of the Group’s businesses. In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012, the final year of the two-year medium-term management plan, we expect the management targets set out in the plan to be largely achieved.
Under these operating conditions, we need to pursue sustainable growth by appropriately responding to changes in the business environment surrounding the Company, such as changes in consumer behavior caused by the aging population and the falling working-age population in areas served by Tokyu's railway lines, as well as economic growth in emerging countries in Asia.
Given these developments, we have adopted a basic message for the new management plan: "Creation, Communication and Challenge." The basic strategy is "business development that keeps creating life value in the areas we serve" with the aim of maximizing consolidated revenue by enhancing cooperation among the operations of the Group from the customer's perspective. We plan to achieve this by strengthening our business infrastructure for future growth and through maximum use of the comprehensive capabilities of the Group, while carefully maintaining our financial soundness.
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