How to use the IR site

The IR site provides functions as described below to improve the web environment. Please make the most of these functions.

Changes in font size

The font size can be changed by clicking the font size icons, Standard or Large, on the top right of the screen. The font size change functions of a browser can also be used to change the font size.

* Cookies are used when the font size is changed. Please note that if cookies are disabled in the setting of the browser used, the font size change may not function or may not function accurately.

Site search

The necessary information can be searched on the site by entering key words in the site search box.

Breadcrumb navigation

The position of the page that is open is presented in accordance with the hierarchy of pages from the front page. By clicking each link (hierarchy), users are able to go back to each hierarchy directly.


New updated information is distributed through RSS. Users of the RSS reader or an RSS compatible browser are able to promptly check updated information on this website.

* RSS is an XML based format that describes data such as the titles and outlines of a website. It is mainly used for publishing updated information on websites. There are a number sites through which the RSS reader or an RSS compatible browser that is necessary for accessing a website is able to be obtained free of charge.

Latest IR documents

The latest IR documents, such as Earnings Reports, IR Presentations and Business Reports, are able to be obtained through an icon on the right of the screen, Latest Documents Batch Download, or IR Library. Please use the Latest Documents Batch Download function to access a package of the latest documents.


This icon represents a PDF file. Adobe Reader is required to view PDF files. Please download it if it is has not been installed.

This icon represents an Excel file.

This icon represents links to external websites. A linked website is displayed in a new window.

Get Adobe® Reader®

Adobe Reader is a free program distributed by Adobe Systems Incorporated that is required to view PDF files. Installing Adobe Reader lets you view and print PDF files.

Get Adobe® Flash® Player

Adobe Flash Player is a free program distributed by Adobe Systems Incorporated that is required to view Flash animations. Installing Adobe Flash Player lets you view and print Flash files.