Shibuya Station is a terminal station served by four railway companies -- JR, Tokyo Metro, and Keio in addition to Tokyu Corporation. The lines serving the station are the Toyoko Line and the Den-en-toshi Line of Tokyu Corporation, the Yamanote Line, the Saikyo Line, and others of JR, the Ginza Line, the Hanzomon Line, and the Fukutoshin Line of Tokyo Metro, and the Inokashira Line of Keio. Currently, the platform of the Toyoko Line is located on the 5th basement floor, and that of the Den-en-toshi Line is on the 3rd basement floor. The area around the station has office buildings, commercial facilities, schools, parks, and other facilities. These include facilities operated by the Tokyu Group, such as Shibuya Hikarie, SHIBUYA109, Tokyu Department Store, and Bunkamura. Symbolized by the scramble crossing, a popular tourist spot now attracting attention from the whole world, Shibuya is crowded with people and bustling day and night, which is a distinctive feature of the town. Large-scale urban development projects, which are aimed at further increasing the attractiveness of the town, are planned to be implemented in the area around the station. They include the construction of high-rise buildings, including commercial and office buildings, and the construction of pathways and decks for optimizing the convenience and comfort of people.