Two railway lines cross each other at this station, with the Toyoko Line platforms elevated and those of the Ōimachi Line on the ground. The town has a fashionable atmosphere favored by women, with boutiques, variety stores, cafés, sweet shops, multinational restaurants, and luxury supermarkets. Above all, the Kuhonbutsu Ryokudo (green road), a road that is nearly 2km long and located to the south of the station, is recommended for shopping and strolling. In contrast, Jiyūgaoka turns into a town of drinking places at night, where men can feel free to visit. Do you know the statue in the rotary in front of Jiyūgaoka Station? It is a statue of a goddess whose official name is Aosora. The Jiyūgaoka Goddess Festival, a town festival named after the statue, is held in October every year with cooperation from the local shops. It is a major event of the town featuring sales, outdoor concerts, and other events, which attract a large number of visitors including tourists.