Known by the nickname “Nikotama,” Futakotamagawa is famous for its sophisticated residential area around the station. Futako Tamagawa Rise, which is directly connected to the station, is a large-scale complex that integrates offices, a shopping center, and high-rise condominiums. It attracts attention as an area with workplaces and homes in close proximity. The wide site has a lot of green, an array of shops and restaurants. Many events are also held at the site, allowing people to spend the whole day there without getting bored. The Tamagawa River, which flows near the station, is pleasant to walk along. Hyogojima Park, which is located at the point where the Nogawa River joins the Tamagawa River, is popular with families as a place where they can enjoy playing with water with a sense of security. In addition, a large number of sports and recreation facilities such as baseball fields, soccer fields, and barbecue spots are located along the river. A five-minute walk from the station brings you to the Futako Tamagawa Shotengai (shopping street), where you will find shops with the common touch that have supported the lives of the local residents for a long time, and ones that are low-profile but actually well-established.