Tokyu Tokyo Metro Pass

Tokyu Tokyo Metro Pass

Enjoy a host of benefits while eating, viewing and enjoying your outing in Tokyo!

This great-value discount ticket offers a round-trip from any Tokyu Line station to any connecting Tokyo Metro Station and unlimited use of all Tokyo Metro lines for one day.

The round-trip between the station where the ticket was purchased and the Tokyo Metro Line can also be via any connecting station (Shibuya, Naka-meguro or Meguro Station) in either direction.

Limited to the date of purchase, when presenting the Tokyu Tokyo Metro Pass at more than 360 spots within Tokyo a holder can enjoy discount and other benefits.

Tokyu Tokyo Metro Pass

Sales Locations

Vending machines at any Tokyu Line station

Not sold at Tokyo Metro connecting stations (Shibuya, Naga-meguro or Meguro Station) or any station on the Setagaya or Kodomonokuni lines.


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Validity Valid only for the date of purchase
  • Passengers may not alight midway through an outbound journey at a Tokyu Line station.
  • When alighting at a Tokyu Line station other than where the ticket was purchased on the return journey, fare adjustment may be required.
  • The benefits cannot be used in combination with other discounts or services. In addition, discounts or benefits do not apply to facility usage tickets purchased in advance.

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