Yokohama Chinatown Trip Gourmet Tickets

Yokohama Chinatown Trip Gourmet Tickets

The discount tickets that combines travel and cuisine into one!
Fully enjoy the Tokyu and Minatomirai lines in a day!

This discount three-in-one ticket offers unlimited use of all Tokyu Lines for one day, unlimited use of the Minatomirai Line for one day and a Yokohama Chinatown meal voucher.

Yokohama Chinatown Trip Gourmet Tickets

Sales Locations

Counter at any Tokyu Line station

Not sold at any station on the Kodomonokuni or Setagaya lines.


Adult: 3,000 yen Child: 2,000 yen


Valid for only one use within the validity period printed on the ticket
Once the validity period has expired, the ticket will become invalid even if not used.
Refunds are provided prior to the commencement of a journey using the ticket and only when all tickets and vouchers are present, at a fee of 220 yen per set. Refunds can be made at any Tokyu Line station (except any station on the Setagaya or Kodomonokuni lines). After a journey using the ticket has commenced, remaining tickets or vouchers such as the meal voucher cannot be refunded even if unused. Please note that both tickets and vouchers are only valid for one day.

Meal Voucher Usage
  • A booklet will be provided when the ticket is purchased.
  • The meal voucher is valid for a single use by one person within the period of validity.
  • Select one restaurant from among the participating restaurants.
  • A single “Meal Voucher” cannot be used by multiple parties.
    Customers without meal vouchers are kindly asked to order separate food.
  • Customers may need to wait in line during busy periods.
    A meal voucher does not denote priority.
  • For large parties, please check with the restaurant in advance.
  • Meal vouchers cannot be used in combination with other benefits or discounts, etc.
  • The menu is a special menu offered to users of meal vouchers.
  • The closed days and open times of restaurants accepting meal vouchers are subject to change.
    When using a meal voucher, please check with the restaurant about open times and days before visiting.
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