In the event of a major earthquake

Even when you receive an emergency earthquake alert on a mobile phone or other device, please act without panicking.

Avoid panicking, remain calm and follow the instructions of staff.

The train may make an emergency stop. Exercise caution such as holding on to a hanging strap.

After Shaking has Subsided

Strong aftershocks may occur. Be careful of your head and watch your step.

Remain calm, follow the instructions of staff and evacuate to a safe location. Avoid using elevators.

After confirming safety, the train will resume operation or staff will guide an evacuation. Do not step down onto the tracks without being instructed to do so by staff.

Until Operation Resumes

Avoid getting close to object in danger of falling, and act based on publicly-provided information.

It may take some time for operation to resume in order to confirm safety. Do not move around carelessly. Follow instructions from the government and other authorities and move to a receiving facility.