Company Outline

The Company was founded on September 2, 1922, as Meguro -Kamata Railway Company.

Since then, Tokyu Corporation has focused on railway operations in suburban Tokyo, real estate and life service businesses in areas served by Tokyu lines including a hotel and resort and business support businesses. Tokyu Corporation continues to expand its operations in the eastern Kanagawa area of southwest Tokyo, which boasts one of Japan’s most educated and affluent populations, while also demonstrating the synergistic effects of each business working in mutual cooperation.

The founder of Tokyu Corporation was deeply influenced by Eiichi Shibusawa’s ventures in the Den-en-toshi Company, in which railways were being developed in tandem with new residential neighborhoods. This integrated approach underlines the origins of Tokyu Corporation.

This brochure provides a basic understanding of Tokyu Corporation through introducing its rail network, development project and the wider operations of Tokyu Group.