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December 28, 2016 Update2016/11 Monthly Report
December 05, 2016 DisclosureAnnouncement Concerning Share Buybacks(32KB)
November 29, 2016 Update2016/10 Monthly Report
November 11, 2016 UpdatePresentation for Investments(2,245KB)
November 10, 2016 SharesCommencement of Payment of Interim Dividends
DisclosureAnnouncement Concerning Resolution of Share Buyback Program(120KB)
DisclosureAnnouncement Concerning Sale by a Subsidiary (Tokyu Recreation) of Shares in its Parent Company and a Revision to its Full-Year Results Forecast(136KB)
DisclosureEarnings Reports for the First Half of FY2016 (Apr. 2016 - Sep. 2016) (118KB)
DisclosureSummary of Results for the First Half of FY2016(950KB)
November 09, 2016 DisclosureNotice of Revised Performance Forecasts(102KB)
October 28, 2016 Update2016/9 Monthly Report
September 29, 2016 Update2016/8 Monthly Report
August 30, 2016 Update2016/7 Monthly Report
August 26, 2016 DisclosureNotice Regarding the Sotetsu-Tokyu direct train(104KB)
August 09, 2016 DisclosureEarnings Reports for the First Quarter of FY2016 (Apr. 2016 - Jun. 2016)(390KB)
DisclosureSummary of Results for the First Quarter of FY2016(1,066KB)
July 28, 2016 Update2016/6 Monthly Report
July 27, 2016 DisclosureNotice Regarding Absorption-Type Merger (Simplified Merger and Short Form Merger) of Subsidiary(140KB)
June 29, 2016 Update2016/5 Monthly Report
DisclosureOur Stance and Policy on Investment Unit Reduction(30KB)
May 30, 2016 Update2016/4 Monthly Report
May 16, 2016 DisclosurePresentation for Investments(3,365KB)
DisclosurePresentation for Investments (Transcript)(9,928KB)
DisclosurePresentation for Investments (Main questions and answers)(292KB)
DisclosureFACT BOOK(5,496KB)
May 13, 2016 DisclosureSummary of Results for FY2015 Forecasts for FY2016(1,017KB)
DisclosureEarnings Reports 2015 Full Year (Apr. 2015 - Mar. 2016)(742KB)
April 27, 2016 Update2016/3 Monthly Report
March 30, 2016 Update2016/2 Monthly Report
March 11, 2016 DisclosureNotice Regarding the Results of TOB for the Shares of Tokyu Recreation Co., Ltd. (Securities Code 9631)(188KB)
February 26, 2016 Update2016/1 Monthly Report
DisclosureNotice Regarding Revised Performance and Dividend Forecasts for a Subsidiary (Nagano Tokyu Department Store Co., Ltd.)(113KB)
February 10, 2016 DisclosureNotice Regarding the Start of TOB for the Shares of Tokyu Recreation Co., Ltd. (Securities Code 9631), Underwriting of Disposition of Treasury Stock through Private Placement of New Shares, and Signing of Capital and Business Alliance Agreement(388KB)
DisclosureEarnings Reports 2016/3 3rd Quarter (Apr. 2015 - Dec. 2015)(406KB)
UpdateSummary of Results for the First Three Quarters of FY2016/3(919KB)
January 28, 2016 Update2015/12 Monthly Report