When are the record dates (base dates) for the dividend payments?
The record date for the year-end dividend is March 31, and the record date for the interim dividend is September 30.
Please contact your securities broker for the final trading date to ascertain your claims as a shareholder on the record date.
How much were dividend payments?
For fiscal 2012, the Company paid an interim dividend payment of 3.5yen per share, and a year-end dividend payment of 3.5yen per share.
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What is the minimum number of shares allowed per trade?
The minimum number of shares is 100.
What is the schedule for the general meeting of shareholders?
The general meeting of shareholders is held in the second half of June every year.
How can I exercise my voting rights at the General Meeting of Shareholders?
The Company sends a notice of the General Meeting of Shareholders and a voting rights exercise form to shareholders who are registered on the shareholder list as at the end of the base date of the General Meeting of Shareholders. Voting rights can be exercised using any of the methods described below.
1. Please attend the General Meeting of Shareholders with the exercise form.
2. Please return the exercise form by stating your vote for or against and affixing a seal.
3. Please access the voting right exercise website on the Internet and process your vote for or against by using the voting right exercise code and password that are provided on the exercise form.