Tokyu Enoshima and Kamakura Free Passes

Tokyu Enoshima and Kamakura Free Passes

Enjoy a Tour or Stroll through Enoshima or the Temples and Shrines of Kamakura.
Also great value when using the Enoshima Electric Railway!

Unlimited use on the Enoshima Electric Railway between Fujisawa and Kamakura so you can enjoy all that Enoshima and Kamakura have to offer!
Benefits and discount prices are also available from temples, tourist facilities, restaurants and other locations in the area!

Tokyu Enoshima and Kamakura Free Passes

Sales Locations

Vending machines at any Den-en-toshi Line station (Sales period: from first train of the day to 19:00)

Not sold at Chūō-rinkan Station


Prices when Purchased from Major Stations (Child)

From Shibuya: 1,470 yen (740 yen)
From Futako-tamagawa / Mizonokuchi: 1,360 yen (690 yen)
From Aobadai: 1,250 yen (630 yen)

From Sangen-jaya: 1,410 yen (710 yen)
From Tama-plaza / Azamino: 1,280 yen (650 yen)
From Nagatsuta: 1,180 yen (600 yen)

The listed fares apply from April 2014 onwards.

Validity Valid only for the date of purchase

Trains in the specified sector may be used an unlimited number of times within the validity period.
When boarding a train outside the specified sector or continuing on a train beyond the specified sector, separate fares will be incurred.
When boarding a train on the Den-en-toshi Line / Odakyu Line segment (via Chūō-rinkan Station), travel is limited to a single round-trip between the originating station and Fujisawa Station.
The free pass is collected at the station that marks the end of the journey.
Check here newwinnewwin for information on participating facilities for benefits and discount prices.

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